JK and Dara shot a music video together. We had a lot of fun watching the clip. Both the song and the clip are beautiful.

Jelena Karleusa’s Puno Kosta song is highly appreciated by her fans.

Her daring dress and sexy demeanor warmed us. What makes her so attractive is not only her clothing but also her fit body.

They say you’re dangerous,
you make trouble in the city
and I hear your name everywhere.

They say you’re dangerous,
who knows you better than me
and while I’m here, let them keep quiet

I love him, I wouldn’t let him
To force him to separate the two of us
If they were looking for him, I would put him away
Because I don’t give what’s mine

They’re all wolves,
his comrades
Some live now
on the other side of the law

They say it won’t be long,
yes it is bad for me
But they don’t know me,
I know him best


I also wanted to share the English lyrics of the song. Because he has fans all over the world.

Finally, you can watch the song’s clip



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