Gallery 19

Do you like the jeans style? Jelena always wears special creation dresses. There are many beautiful photographs. This woman is used to the cold climate. That’s why it is bold in its clothing.

Gallery 18

The year 2021 started fast. This year’s schedule is quite busy. Shows, concerts, TV shows. Karleusastar works pretty much for all of them. A good year awaits us all.

What is your favorite emoji?

Emojis enable us to express our emotions in correspondence. In this way, we can reflect our feelings to the person we are in dialogue with. They’re pretty cute! I use them all the time.

Sexy Black Lingerie

Neon Green

Being attractive does not mean having a fit body. You are as attractive as your self-confidence.

Light Blue

jelena is a woman who loves to travel. She travels to many countries for business and leisure.

New projects


Beşiktaş supporters are calling Jelena “Yenge”. Her husband, Dusko Tosic, was very successful in the club where he played for many years. Fans loved both Tosic and Karleusa. Jelena did not leave this love unanswered. Jelena Karleusa Both organizations for both holidays often goes to Turkey.

Gallery 11

New year new luck! One should always look to the future with hope. Because the future is full of surprises. We must always strive hopefully. We cannot be happy without making an effort. The pandemic has made our lives boring. We can no longer live as comfortably as before. We’ve never missed the past so…
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Black Magazine Shot

Jelena is one of the most beautiful cover girls. She is very photogenic. She has been the cover of many magazines thanks to her sexy and fit body. She is especially on the cover of magazines in her country Serbia. She pays attention to what she eats to stay fit all the time. She doesn’t…
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