Jelena Lyrics

Jelena Lyrics

jelena karleusa - jelena lyrics


Sa kiše sam se sklonila
na vrata ti pozvonila
taman da kažem: Volim te.
Ti meni: Koga tražite ?

O, kako je to moguće
ljubili se do prekjuče
k’o da me vidi prvi put
zašto se pravi lud
kad nije prvi put
zašto se pravi lud

Zovem se Jelena, Jelena,
zar mi se ne sećaš imena ?
Jelena, Jelena, Jelena,
zar nemaš nimalo vremena ?

Ja sam ona što ti je
pogledom prala prozore
preko krovova letela
na krilima ljubomore

Ja sam ona kojoj si prodao lažne bisere
i k’o u Bibliju gledala u oči tvoje neverne


jelena-karleusa-yenge-tv-shows-programme-instagram (8)-min


I’ve hod from the rain
Ringed at your door
Just when I wanted to tell you ‘I love you’
You (asked) me ‘Who are you looking for’

Oh, how is it possible
We’ve kissed up to the day before yesterday
It’s like he sees me for the first time
Why is he playing the fool
When it’s not the first time
Why is he playing the fool

My name is Jelena, Jelena
Don’t you remember my name
Jelena, Jelena, Jelena
Don’t you have any time

I am the one that
Washed your windows with my look
Flied above the roofs
On the wings of jealousy

I’m to one to who you sold fake pearls
And who looked in your deceitfull eyes like at the Bible


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