Lagao si, lagao Lyrics

Lagao si, lagao Lyrics

karleusa star Lagao si, lagao Lyrics


Lagao si, lagao

Opet kuci nisi
opet si u njenom narucju
ali ove noci
kad se vratis necu biti tu

Ref. 2x
Lagao si, lagao
mnoge noci s’ drugom bio
sad je kasno da se kajes
zauvek si me izgubio

Nema vise tuge
sve sam suze davno prolila
neka tvoja majka place
sto te takvog rodila


Lagao si, lagao Lyrics


You’re not home again
you’re in her arms again
but this night
when i come back i won’t be there
Ref. 2x
You lied, you lied
many nights with ‘another was
now it’s too late to repent
you lost me forever
No more sadness
I shed all my tears long ago
let your mother cry
a hundred that gave birth to you

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