Who’s Karleusastar

Jelena-karleusa-spring-summer-dress-bikini-gstring-tanga (51)
Date of Birth17 August 1978 (age 41)
Belgrade, SR Serbia, Yugoslavia
Other namesJKDiva, Karleusastar
Years active1995–present
SpouseDuško Tošić
(m. 2008)
Associated actsSaša MatićAca LukasAzis


Jelena Karleusa was born on 17 august 1978 in Belgrade,Serbia. She is married to Dusko Tosic. They have two daughters. She rose to prominence in the mid-1990s as a turbo-folk singer, upon her debut album Ogledalce, but as her career progressed she tried escape that image. During the following decades she saw commercial success with her pop crossover attempts JK Revolution and Diva. These releases were followed by two Belgrade concerts: All About Diva and Viva la Diva Show; before 15,000 and 40,000 people, respectively. She has also served as a judge and mentor on the televised singing contest Zvezde Granda since 2015. German magazine Focus referred to her as the Madonna of the Balkans. Having sold over million records, while also being one of the highest payed regional performers, Jelena Karleuša is regarded as one of the most popular Serbian musicians.

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In addition, Karleuša has developed a strong social media presence through her fashion style, while gaining international media recognition by drawing comparisons to Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé in 2015. The following year, she was the first Serbian woman, and second person overall after Novak Djokovic, to reach one million followers on Instagram.

Outside of her music career, she is noted for her comments on politics, specially regarding LGBT rights and social equality. Her private life alongside her outspoken views, have also received significant media coverage and have sparked occasional controversy. Jelena Karleuša has a very polarized public reception of her work, image and persona. Throughout her career, Jelena Karleusa has attracted significant controversy, criticism, and media scrutiny for her appearances, which are often deemed edgy and over-sexualised, and for her outspoken views, specifically regarding other public figures and socioeconomic situation in Serbia


  • Ogledalce (1995)
  • Ženite se momci (1996)
  • Veštice, vile (1997)
  • Jelena Karleuša (1998)
  • Gili, gili (1999)
  • Za svoje godine (2001)
  • Samo za tvoje oči (2002)
  • Magija (2005)
  • JK Revolution (2008)
  • Diva (2012)
  • TBA (2020)